February 7, 2018 at 2:28 PM by Tim

Welcome to AquaSports

Welcome to AquaSports

AquaSports Qatar was originally named Paddle Qatar - we paddled and we were in Qatar - it seemed a good name. Unfortunately the local authorities disagreed so we brainstormed and AquaSports Qatar was born.

It was actually a useful name change because we had recently added kitesurfing to our services and kitesurfers don't use paddles!

Paddle Qatar, now AquaSports Qatar was founded by a real life Zambezi river guide. An African Crocodile Dundee named Boyd Taylor. Boyd brought a deep knowledge of paddling and water safety to the company and he grew it from nothing to a fleet of over 60 kayaks and SUPs with tours running country wide.

Our first paddling location was the incredible Al Thakira mangrove forest. This is a completely natural mangrove forest spreading across thousands of acres on Qatar's northeast coast. It is host to a huge range of wildlife from flamingos, and a number of heron and wading bird species to flying fish and mud crabs. The best thing about the mangrove forest is that when people arrive there they can't actually believe they are still in Qatar - it is literally a forest (albeit one growing out of salt water) and it is quiet and tranquil and green and fresh and completely different from the desert city Doha. If you haven't been then go! I guarantee you will love it

As our reputation for kayaking tours grew we were fortunate to be invited to run trips at the stunning Museum of Islamic Art. The team was given an educational tour of the museum with information on the architecture and the Dhow harbour which we have been able to pass on to school and company groups on our guided tours.

In 2017 AquaSports began to offer kitesurfing after collaborating with Qatar's number 1 school "Flo Kite School" led by the amazing Flora. Flora is one of Qatar's most qualified kitesurfing instructor and also a full time mum.

So here we are in 2018. Kayaking, SUP and kitesurfing in one of the safest seas on earth. Come and join us

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